Sunday, May 22, 2011

Barnsley Gardens come and see the beauty of the place

The shell of part of the house I still feel love and peace here

View away from the house

Covered arbor and the scenic overlook

Roses bring the old stones to life

View of the old stone ruin all that is left

Horse drawn carriage and walking path

Pink roses tumbling everywhere

Cottage amid the roses

Clip clop is such a soothing sound
Ruins and the garden

We spent Easter at Barnsley Gardens Resort in Adairsville , Ga. We usually go there for Christmas Day as well. I love it in the Spring. So nice to walk the lanes, see the horse drawn carriages (Pink Boy didn't want to ride) and admire the gardens and cottages (that you rent) built around a little green park.. The food is yummy too. Golf and charming vistas round out the Barnsley experience.

I love history and Barnsley Gardens is history you can walk through. It was spared during the War Between the States only to be consumed by fire and then finished off by a windstorm in 1906.

The home was built for Godfrey Barnsley ( who was one of Margaret Mitchell's models for Rhett Butler) for his wife Julia Henrietta Scarborough of Savannah. I love GWW movie so much I know almost all the dialog, so does my brother, and my husband thought all Southerners knew it by heart! ha

Come and walk the estate with me and see all the pinkness in flower and feel the spirit it still holds.

Have a Pink day!


  1. Thanks for posting these pictures. I've got to see this place.


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