Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Table a la Marie Antoinette and Rose Bertin

Lovely way to spend an afternoon at Versailles

Everything looks so pretty in the sunshine

An afternoon spent choosing dress designs, fabrics, ribbons

Lush dress designs remind Marie Antoinette of fluffy peonies

Join in on the fun with Rose and La Reine

Soft colors and glints of silver and gold

Opera glasses are a must for court ladies

Jewelry, a new fan, key to the jewel chest, little trinket boxes

An idea for a dress- very fashion forward of Marie Antoinette
Hat boxes hold trims and ribbons

Marie loved flowers especially roses here are peonies on her plate

French bon bons and roses ---so MA

Time slips by so quickly for Marie Antoinette and Rose Bertin

Little details- la Reine loved jewelry and pretty trinkets

Marie meets with Rose Bertin her dress

My interpretation of a table that might have existed at Petit Trianon when Marie Antoinette met with her dressmaker Rose Bertin. We always think of roses and Marie Antoinette so how perfect to put the table outside among the pink roses.
I've gathered some fun things that remind me of MA and she would, bien sur, have sweets !

What a royal treat it must have been to have a talented fashion forward dressmaker at your disposal and she even came to the queen!

Not many fashion designers in our time would go to the client's home. I like to think it was the royal allure and the cache of visiting Versailles or Petit Trianon. I have read that Rose Bertin became quite weathy and arrogant due to her association with la Reine, Marie Antoinette. She also left the country and saved her own life during the Revolution.

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Have a Pink day!


  1. How beautiful! So pretty in pink!
    Thanks so much for your visit! I am your new follower. :)

  2. This took my breath away! So gorgeous - taking us on an imaginary trip back in time - beautiful interpretation - what it must have been like! I think you've created a table setting that would befit Royalty - love the pink Peonies - yes, two great minds do think alike - I am adoring your table!

  3. Marie -
    What a visual treat. I felt like I experienced time travel. Thank you for a very time intensive post. I really loved it.
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

  4. How gorgeous! Lovely, lovely, lovely. I ADORE the opera glasses. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog ~ you are right, we have so much in common! I just love everything here. I'm your newest follower. :)

  5. Such pretty pink preciousness -- everything is just perfect. Joni

  6. Your blog is gorgeous. Each time you have commented, I have clicked the link and google chrome has refused to find you. But your link in the e-mail worked and I can now subscribe!!!
    I love the black background. It really makes the photos pop.
    I e-mailed the Chamber as you suggested. Thanks for your interest.

  7. Very soft, pretty, and so ethereal. I think that Marie Antoinette would definately approve!

  8. Beautiful!!
    My Peonies are coming in!!! yea!!!


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