Thursday, May 26, 2011

Radishes, onions and a PINK trug

My new PINK garden trug from the UK business trip my husband went there in April.

Onions from the farmers market at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mt. Ga

Show and Tell Friday Fun
Join Cindy at My Romantic Home on Friday and on Saturday Beverly's Pink Saturday
A visit to Callaway Gardens also included a visit to their new Farmers Market open and free to public . I bought yummy onions 6 for $1.50 partly because the color was so fabulous and we did use them in omlettes.

The radishes are the first to come from our own potager out back. I love the taste, the color and the ease of growing radishes. I am growing more veggies this year in an effort to keep grocery costs down- -they go up as oil goes up not a very pink thing to think about but even pink girls need to be practical sometimes.

Have a Pink day!


  1. Sweet! Those look so yummy! And a pink trug? How fun!

  2. I love to grow and eat radishes. I just planted some watermelon radishes. They are white on the outside and pink on the inside. I've never grown them before. Your pink trug is adorable.

  3. Pink is more than a color. It's a way of life!

  4. Nothing like fresh home grown veggies. Yours look especially nice on the pink trug.

  5. Happy Pink Saturday - great commentary .. I had no idea there was such a word as trug and I like the word potager - neither in my pc dictionary - so I'll have to go find it elsewhere - if I don't want to rely on context and photos - love words. Great pink post! Thanks,Jenn

  6. Beautiful veggies. The pink garden trug is great. I have never heard this term before. Is it British? Lets follow each other! Janet

  7. I would rather look at these than look at pictures of diamonds. The color, the shine! There is nothing more beautiful than home grown veggies (i just opened up some pea pods from my garden and marveled at them.)

  8. Happy Pink Saturday, Marie. Thank you for always making Pink Saturday special.

    Your trug looks so pretty filled with the colorful vegetable. My mother used to make radish roses when I was a little girl, and I thought we were so fancy.


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