Thursday, June 7, 2012

From my potager

Happy Pink Saturday!
I was away and now I am back to Pink Saturday! Join Beverly at:

I harvested my first eggplant yesterday. Of course I had to carry it in my pink trug from the potager to the house. I don't really eat them. I just think they are cool ,very pretty, feel like dolphin skin and this variety has a hint of lavender on it. I love the white ones. They are hard to find around here.
So I tied a bow on it and am enjoying it in a bowl in the kitchen. I hope the plant makes a few more.
Have a Pink day!


  1. Hello Marie,
    What a pretty and unique looking eggplant! I've never seen one that colour before; very cool! The gorgeous young couple above is wished every happiness in their life together! Thanks for your visit and have a lovely Pink Saturday weekend.


  2. That's way too cool. Hey, I think you introduced the term potager and trug before and I asked about them both.

    I'm posting w/Stephanie (whose featured on Beverly's Blog) and decided to cast my several pinks on that post in with Beverly.

    I love the photos and that eggplant is really neat in that trug,did I get that right? :)

    Thanks, Jenn

  3. They are a wonderful item. I love them fixed most anyway. However, I am old country lady.

  4. Gorgeous!

    My PINK, have a nice weekend.

  5. Marie~
    love this!
    Cricket @ gypsea nurse

  6. Great colors on your blog
    Hope you have a Happy PS

  7. i love going out in Summer to find the satiny little lanterns hanging from the plants! And after admiring, we DO eat them---usually cut lengthwise, with the little cap holding the two pieces like a little hat. A sprinkle of seasoning, onto the trusty old WEBER in the back yard, and it's a lovely patio dinner.

    Looking forward to delving into your charming archives!



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