Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Karl I disagree...

I love Karl Lagerfeld-- his style, his designs, his many talents and I am amazed at how many languages he speaks.  I usually agree with his opinions on most things but on the subject  of swans I must disagree.
I have tamed swans, I have fed many swans and have never had a bad experience. In fact, one snowy day I fell on the slope to the pond and the swans came up out of the water and hovered over me making sure I was alright.
I think he must have encountered them while they were nesting. Male swans can be very violent and territorial when their are eggs in the nest.
Not even Karl can change my minds about swans. J'adore les cygnes Monsieur Lagerfeld.
Have a Pink day!


  1. I disagree also.. As you mentioned, with any parent, they are protective of their babies. They are one of the most beautiful and graceful animals on the planet.
    Wishing you a most lovely week!
    xoxo, B

  2. Swans are so greaceful and beautiful! When I lived in England they were everywhere... and loved!


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