Friday, June 15, 2012

Dita my style icon

                                                        Dita at home always retro

           Her VivienneWestwood wedding gown--yes it was purple!

I love her style-- her costumes for her shows are wonderful and she always wears Louboutin shoes on stage. He makes them just for her so they coordinate with her costumes. She rocks her retro style 24/7 even just running to the store or living inside her LA home. How can I not love her style--she has a pink retro kitchen?! Miss von Teese lives part time in Paris and in LA. She is a self made artist and has colloraborated on lingerie, makeup and other items. She started her retro shopping as a young girl.
I wish I could dress as well as she does.  She is living her retro life while I live my pink life.
Have a Pink day!

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