Friday, June 15, 2012

Macaron fun and Happy Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday
Join Beverly for more pink fun  at:
I just discovered these macaron trinket boxes-- tres chic and practical.If you can't get to Paris for a Laduree macaron this is next best thing. A very Pink Girl thing to have! I love all the colors especially the pink, bien sur!
Have a Pink day!


  1. These are darling!
    Happy pinky weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  2. Love, love the little macaron boxes! Happy Pink Saturday and enjoy your Father's Day Sunday as well. ~Marti

  3. Hi Marie! I saw these trinket boxes at a local vintage shop and loved them!! Great colors.

    Hope you are well. You were in my thoughts on my recent trip and I took some photos inspired by you! You'll see them before too long. :)

  4. OMG ! just went to your site and you have a big fat pink peony as your banner? ?

    AND !!! LOL......I've just spent the past 2 days looking into Marie Antoinette and trying to discover what is the fascination with her....I did see the movie and was not moved by such overindulgence, but I guess I missed other positive aspects.....
    however!! and this one is huge....Laduree Tea!!...THAT one sent me on a journey I've not been able to get off ever since I saw 2 days ago on someone's blog a small pic of gorgeous pink boxes and canisters of all shapes, but all the same pink and this is the pink I have in my room.....along with a light green and touches of gold. The pic was titled "Laduree Tea" and I had never heard of it before, no surprise here in the states! arghhh!......but when I googled it and found what it is I could not believe that someone has already done my dream.....of my teahouse in my favorite colors of green, pink and golds or silvers.....with lushness and plushness that invites one to linger and enjoy all of my special crafted and blended teas......I have posted about tea on my blog....but it is hard to experience my love of it. A friend of mine just moved away 2 hours but is taking this weekend to drive to my home to have tea with me.....she's never experienced such lovely brews and she is not a tea person....ok I'll stop rambling but this is such a serendipity that I'm loving sooooo much right now!!!!
    thanks for writing!


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