Monday, January 23, 2012

Writing letters a la Marie Antoinette

One pot held ink one held sand to blot the ink

I love to write on my monogramed letter paper.

The details and the hand painting are wonderful. This was well cared for in the past

My passions are so much a part of my life. I love to write letters to friends, I love my monogram, I love the style of the decorative arts in the era of Madame de Pompadour and Marie Antoinette and I try and incorporate this style into my life.

I recently became aware of the inkwell-- a necessary implement in times past and one that could be so beautiful and so functional. I knew they existed but had never looked at them as decorative objects until I was reading about the decorative arts of that romantic era.

I am now collecting them in a small way some are more expensive than others but all are lovely.

Leah Fuller has a number of her antiques on Ruby Lane antiques site and I just purchased this charming 19th century Dresden hand painted inkwell by the studio of Helena Wolfsohn from Ms Fuller..It is perfection! You can reach her at Nobili Antiques 949 642-8402 or Here is her link:

I take such pleasure in using these old items and wondering who had them before they came to me and if previous owners enjoyed it and treasured it as I do now. I have my photos of Marie Antoinette and Madame de Pompadour there to inspire me. I just wish I could write in calligraphy ( I took a class I was awful ) like they did so long ago.

It is fun to sit in my boudoir and write to loved ones and look at the garden through the French doors. Usually one of my cats sits in the chair next to the desk and advises me as I write.
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Have a Pink day!


  1. Such a pretty pattern on the pieces. Love the pink! Pat

  2. Oh my, such lovely pink pieces and your display is stunning. So Beautiful. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  3. Hi Marie,

    Oh you have such beautiful vintage pieces! Love the gorgeous patterns!

    Thank you kindly for stopping by my page and leaving a kind comment, I truly appreciate it. :) Have a good night.


  4. Your desk set is just gorgeous. I love hand written notes and think they are the most personal. I never write thank you's on the computer!
    Jil ♥

  5. Happy Pink Saturday! I can add ink wells and a pot of sand to blot the ink to items which caught my eye today on Beverly's blog. Let's see, it was a teapot, mug, tea cup & saucer, baby boot, jazzed up jar, mini tea set and here we are - gosh seems like I went many more place than that!? Looks like you love pink - given your header and title. I pulled out some cards and wrote friends today. Gosh, I miss the letter writing days. It was neat to do and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I keep thinking I need to do that more. Well, maybe I just should. Maybe even think of days and desks of ink wells, wells of sand and blotted ink. That is so cool. Enjoyed my visit. Thanks, Jenn (ooh, just saw your double pink hollyhocks, they are wonderful!) Okay - my open id is acting up. If you follow me by icon - you'll need to click twice to get to my WordPress blog through Google. Sorry ... :(

  6. the desk is wonderful. I too like the french things.or the soft look
    Have a happy pink


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