Saturday, January 7, 2012

Monogram madness has overtaken me!

MA hand towels for my bath

Happy Pink Saturday!

I have done many things with my monogram this past year- rubber stamps, a letter seal for sealing wax, tiles to use as trivets, an embosser, a needle pointed pillow you get the idea. And I'm still coming up with ideas.

Perhaps the most obvious is to use the monogram on china or linens or silver flatware. I am working on those things as well. My first venture into monogramming on linens turned out so well. They have made a linen die for me from my monogram and later on when I purchase more guest towels, or bed linens I can monogram those as well.

Shh... I am going to share my monogram source for linens-- it is in Savannah-- a most gracious and feminine city. I did this all via email. Number Four Eleven is the name of the shop on Whitaker Street in Savannah's historic area.

It was not very pricey to do the die it varies by monogram and size etc so each one is priced as they create them. If you need these services you can contact them at 912 443-0065 ask for Courtland Smith Stevens or email them : info@NumberFourEleven,com
Have a Pink day!


  1. Happy Pink Saturday Marie, Your monogram is beautiful. Have a wonderful week. Warmly, Linda

  2. Wow, the monogram is fabulous.



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