Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A pretty little frippery-- a new fan! Joining in Show and Tell Friday!

A new treasure to enjoy. I wanted to share it with all of you my dear blog readers
What a lovely way to spend some time notice all the roses?

The ribs are decorated so well .I love the garland and scroll work

No damage on the fan at all --perfection!

Happy Show and Tell Friday
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I love folding fans and I have posted before about them. I had a new one made with my initials on it and used it under my Marie Antoinette Christmas tree this year.

Well, I saw this one on the Internet at a site where I have bought other small antiques. It looks French to me not too, too old but such a pretty scene. I loved the garland of roses and the details on the ribs. The soft colors appeal to me.

Wouldn't you love to be courted in such pleasant surroundings? I would like a few more fans to add to my small collection but I am very particular and also my budget is not large. Some that I saw and liked are museum quality and are in great condition but high prices. Oh well,

The language of the fan is fun to learn. It aided in courtship especially at court and in Victorian times. Marie Antoinette liked hand fans that were part mask to hide behind yet she could still see well.
They say the folded hand fan was invented by the Japanese and modeled on the wings of a bat.

A woman dropping her fan was saying I belong to you.

If she fans herself quickly it means I love you. If she fans with left hand she is saying, Don't you dare flirt with another!

Have a Pink day!

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