Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Baking and gifting

Gogo puppy and her "treats" before wrapping

Trader Joe's Chocolate cake mix is easy and yummy

Valentine Cupcakes ready to roll!

Pink heart-shaped rice krispie treats some dipped in pink candy pearls

Treats for Gogo puppy or Isabella's tummy. Heart marshmallows sugar coated

Valentine's Day is made for people who love PINK! I have such fun baking for children I know.

Trader Joe's chocolate cake mix in a PINK box is yummy. I made lots of cupcakes in pink ruffled cups and then frosted with homemade pink buttercream. Then baged in a pretty polka dot cello bag.

Heart shaped rice krispie treats were next. I tinted the marshmalllow pink then rolled it out between two sheets of parchment paper (to about 1/2 inch thickness) let it set up in refrigerator then used my heart cookie cutters. Trick is to spray Bakers Ease or non-stick spray onto the parchment to keep it from sticking. Bakers Ease is best doesn't discolor cakes or other items or the pans.

I gave my little friend Isabella a Gogo puppy (they look like baby Maltese) from Target but I took Gogo puppy out of the box and made a heart collar and used organza ribbon for her leash. then I put her in a huge cello bag with tissue and a bow. Little girls love bows (OK me too) especially pink ones and Isabella tells me pink is her favorite color.

Last thing I did was take the pink heart shaped marshmallows from Kroger and dip one side in melted white chocolate then dip that into pink sanding sugar. I put them in a pretty cupcake cup and in a cello bag. These were the "treats"for Gogo puppy but I think Isabella had to eat most of them.
Happy Valentine's Day

Have a Pink day!

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