Monday, February 21, 2011

Teapot and Tea Things Tuesday!

Stacking tea cups is fun when you are bored and want to make a little vingnette

Tuesday snuck up on me this week. I was goofing around with my tea cups the other day when the light was nice in the morning. The bottom tea cup has little legs--so sweet it is a new one for me purchased locally at a little Marietta antiques shop. The little dove in a nest I made last year and just set on top of the other tea cup to make it higher to fill up the cloche.

Join Wanda Lee at : to see other tea cups and tea things today. Also joining in with Lady Katherine's Tea Parlor here: and The Silken Purse blog

Have a Pink day!


  1. Enchanted!
    Have a lovely PINK day!
    Hugs ~*~Wendy~*~

  2. So pretty Marie. I love the little footed tea cups.
    Hope your week is off to a marvelous start,

  3. Very pretty and I hope you have a lovely pink day!


  4. Hi Marie,

    Nice to meet you! I love stacked teacups too! I put them under my cloche. Love the little footed one.


  5. What a gorgeous collection and images.

    I do so hope you will pop by and link up to my tea party. There are two fantastic prizes.

  6. Hi Marie: It looks so beautiful. I just love to visit your blog. You make everything look lovely. Thank you for sharing with us. Blessings, Martha

  7. You have certainly got one of the prettiest tea cups I have ever seen! I have never seen anything like it before. I must see if I can find one like it!

    Best wishes always,

    PS Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting at my blog. It is lovely to meet you!


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