Monday, February 7, 2011

Teapot and Tea Things Tuesday with Wanda Lee and Martha

My newest teacup I loved the cutwork saucer and flower pot look of the cup
I save pretty tea tins and the heart held chocolates one French Valentine's Day
The hot air balloon tea pot comes from a shop in Florida in early 1980's

This pretty tea cup is ready for its close up!

I've shown this tea cup and saucer before with my monogram on them they are copy of Marie Antoinette's travel china called Petit Trianon. This was a gift from Pink Boy one Christmas

What fun to join in again for Teapot and Tea Things Tuesday! Please visit the link to see more pretty tea things:
And I am also joining Sandi for Tea Time Tuesday at this link:

I love tea cups and tea pots and here are a few quick shots of some of my collection. I can't seem to resist a pretty tea cup.
I guess I started collecting them about the time I got married. So dear reader--that is to state it delicately- - many cups of tea ago!
When I travel I like to go to tea salons and tea shops. Sometimes I find cute tea cups there or I just stumble across them in little junk or antique shops closer to home.
Have a Pink day!


  1. Another nice pattern of teacup and teapot. Its really nice to join the tea party coz I can always see beautiful items.

  2. I love the hot air balloon tea pot!

  3. Love the cutout teacup and saucer and the hot air balloon tea pot. Blessings

  4. Hi Marie,
    What scrumptious pink tea things you have shared with us! Love them all but the teacup with the cutouts and the hot air balloon teapot have captured my heart; so sweet! Thank you for coming for tea and enjoy your day.


  5. Beautiful tea cup and fantastic tea pot!! LOVE them!!


  6. Hello Marie,
    those are so pretty tea things. I love them. And I discovered your pretty Miss Charlotte Moss - so cute!
    Greetings, Johanna

  7. Bonjour Marie - looks like we have two things in common already! J'adore your pretty little tea collection.

  8. That is a very delicious, intricate cup! So beautiful! Love it,

  9. Hello there lovely lady,

    What lovely pink-a-licious teacups and teapots..,

    Thanks for joiningus for TTTT and also our 69th, 'TuesdayFor Two'.

    Please pop by 'for tea' anytime!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

  10. Dear Marie,

    I adore your pink blog! So many lovely things. How I would dearly love to have a cup of tea from your beautiful pink and white tea cup. Do drop by my blog sometime soon for a spot of virtual splosh! You are most welcomed anytime, as the teapot in blogland is always on.

  11. Dear Marie,
    This is an adorable teacup. I have a little plate to match that my daughter brought back from Paris. I love your table scape in pink!.
    Enjoy your date night.

    Blessings, Pam

  12. MARIE, your pinks are so pretty!


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