Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring-Time for Gardening

I love Spring--especially here in the South- blooms galore and mild sweet-smelling breezes!! I am ready to work on my garden. It is not a chore for me. I enjoy doing it all. I carry my love of pink into the garden with me--yes, I know I have mentioned my pink and white color scheme and pale pink Yoshino cherry tree before--but I mean I literally carry pink gear into the garden.

Here is a shot of my pink garden tool collection-- many pruners, a tin bucket (not shown) pink garden clogs, a pink and green gardening smock with deep pockets for tools and seed packets, my Haws pink watering can is my favorite item!! I have collected these items over last few years finding most of then in spring or in October tied to a breast cancer promotion. I have to prune so I may as well prune with a PINK pruning snippers! The neighbor kids think all my pink stuff is a hoot and they know all the flowers are pink or white. They like to look around because the garden is fenced in and it is like a secret garden to them.They also like to hit the gong by the fish pond.
My veggie garden is being prepared today dugout and railroad ties making two raised beds for me to fill and soon I will be putting in all my tomatoes, white eggplant,peas and beans, watermelon radishes and white pumpkin. I would like to grow some pink tomatoes but so far no one has them around here. I will attempt artichokes this year too. We are putting a blue bird house on a tall pole in the one garden bed. Maybe we will get baby blue birds finally and no neighborhood cat can get that high up.
I made some pink lemonade so I can keep on going in the heat.
How I would love to share the veggies with you. I hope I get some veggies I haven't had a garden since I was about 8.
Have a PINK day!

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