Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Romance isn't what it used to be

I am a hopeless romantic. I love old romantic movies, I love looking at paintings by artists like Boucher and Watteau portraying romantic scenes like the one on the music box above. I got this years ago and it sits on my bathroom vanity holding hair clips and little things like that. I enjoy looking at it and when it is open it plays Laura's Theme --that is one old movie I loved Doctor Zhivago. Looking at this box in the morning as I get ready for the day lets me drift into a bit of a daydream sometimes.

What happened to romance? Courting, a very old fashioned word but one I think we should use. And we should practice the art of "courting". Courting sounds so much better than "dating" doesn't it? Dating reminds me of carbon dating and meat sell by dates-- courting brings to mind court life, asking for someones time and focusing attention on someone--finding out likes and character and then matching that to the method of courting. Planning activities and amusements to court the favor of the object of your affection. Ahh, I love that notion of romantic love.

Have a PINK day!

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  1. That is definitely a romantic setting on that plate!


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