Friday, April 23, 2010

Maltese art

We are besotted with our Maltese. They are the sweetest little dogs with big personality and full of love. I have Maltese images on pillows and a local artist,Jane Yudelson, did a portrait of two of my girls a few years ago. Serena is no longer with us and I am glad to have the painting. The one of Sydney-Marie as a puppy sitting in the watermelon bowl is fun.

My friend Mickey Bauer did the charcoal portrait of our first Maltese Zsa Zsa-she captured her expression well and it is a comfort to look at that image now that she is gone.

I think a home should be fun and filled with whimsical things that mean something to you. Even in a formal room a dash of whimsy is refreshing. So throw caution to the wind- do something tres fou-- add an irreverent element to your home.

Have a PINK day!

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