Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Speaking of elephants...

I have elephants on the brain since yesterday's post. I do love them so. I watch each Public Television special they make on elephants and even have some on DVD and cry through most of it because of poaching and baby elephants dying in mud --very emotional for me.
Here is a question for you-lets see how much you recall of recent Marie Antoinette movie by Sophia Coppola. Is there an elephant in it? YES!! So my dear Marie Antoinette probably liked them also I like to think she would. They are beautiful.

But on a happier note -- I got this cute metal watering can for watering my patio plants the other day in the shape of elephant. Isn't it fun! That is all part of my pink living philosophy : make even the most mundane tasks fun and attractive and then the time flies by, you don't dread those tasks, life is much prettier, a visual lift make simple objects work for you in an artistic or attractive way. I still believe one reason I am such a happy person is I surround myself (as much as my budget allows) with beauty and happy things and happy thoughts naturally follow. It is not complicated but it works for me!

Have a PINK day!

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  1. Someone told me years ago that if you buy anything with an elephant motif, just make sure that the trunk is up. Downward brings bad luck.

    I don't know who decided that rule but thought I would pass it along.


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