Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Recycling in the garden

Some rogue squirrel made off with the finial on top of our big bird feeder-! It was sort of old anyway so Pink Boy got me a new one.

I hated to see the old bird feeder top just thrown away. So I painted it-- white! You thought I was going to say Pink didn't you? ha I will search and find a new finial for it someplace. But now I can use it as a table decoration or sitting on my iron plant stand under the arbor. I sill have to paint the very bottom.
We are adding another wire bench soon I have my heart set on one I saw in a second hand shop. I want to have enough seating for eight so I can have a few friends over for tea or lunch dan le jardin- how fun. I found one cute wire bench last year at T J Maxx and spray painted it black so it looks well with our patio furniture. I am always doing something in the garden or changing something-makes life interesting.

Have a PINK day!

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