Monday, July 2, 2012

Temps Passes

In times past the items pictured above would have been part of a lady's daily life. Gloves, bien sur, and a hankie very necessary. The small inkwell could even be part of a lady's travel items. 
The vintage nosegay with the tiny cameo and hand died silk ribbons would have been a gift from an admirer or a token from a father to a daughter going off to a ball. In the language of flowers violets meant love and faithfulness.

 The handmade sachet was/is a small treasure most ladies loved to have tucked away with fine linens or lingerie.The  violet nosegay is made of vintage millinery flowers and silk ribbons. I wonder who carried this treasure to a dance? 
It is fun collecting all these things and fun imagining how they touched the life of someone before they came to me. I am searching for old dance cards now to complete my little imaginary dance. It feels so Jane Austen!
Have a Pink day!

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