Friday, July 6, 2012

Pink Saturday

Pink Saturday!
Join Beverly at:
Grab a pink macaron and join in the fun. It is sale time in Paris!
I would head right over to Chantal Thomas lingerie and grab a pretty umbrella and maybe something lace or at least the powder with the pink puff.
Maybe some ballet flats at Repetto? Something sweet at Fauchon? 
Paris is always very pink but more so at sale time, don't you agree?
Have a Pink day!


  1. Happy Pink Saturday, Marie! Love all those soft pinks! Would love a macaron as I've never had a real one before. *sigh* Enjoy your weekend.


  2. Definitely if you shop in Paris, it better be on sale. Even then it is too expensive far me.

  3. love the variety of the photos to chose for this post - the entire Parisian "idea" is always so welcome and special! Hope you have a fun Pink Saturday!

  4. The macaroons look yummy and so pretty… Thanks for stopping by, Laura

  5. Love the pink about feeling pampered!

  6. Three of my favourite things... Chantal Thomass, macarons and Repetto {all pink too!}.
    xoxo, B


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