Friday, July 8, 2011

Silver tea caddies

See the cherub heads on top of the caddy?

Chubby cherubs and a interesting shape caught my attention
This one has an Asian feel I liked it but not as much as the cherub one

Tea caddies have always fascinated me. Tea was so costly and so precious people locked it up and also kept it in pretty caddies for that day's use. I started looking at them about a year ago on line--most are way out of my merger budget. Some reproduction ones are rather nice but as a long time silver lover there is nothing like real silver to beckon to your romantic and history- loving side.

A few weeks ago I found one on an antiques web site. I thought about it a lot over the week and finally mentioned it to Pink Boy--telling him how much I wanted this particular one how it goes with my Love Disarmed flatware even though it is not made by same company. How romantic I think it is. "I will use it every day and then pass it along to someone else." I told him.

I got the eye rolling from Pink Boy.

Well, Pink Boy does have a romantic side and he does know how I treasure things and care for them and use them and now this little bit of history sits on my vanity. I will still use it for tea sometimes but I want to enjoy it daily on my vanity.It is a very early birthday gift.

Isn't it amazing the work and art and care that artisans used to produce items that were often things a person would use on a daily basis? I am finding that German silver is often ornate and appeals to my romantic nature.

Have a Pink day!

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  1. These are breath taking!! I had not heard of them until your post ... I will certainly be on the look out for them now.. thanks for sharing this (and introducing me to such wonderful piece) ...xo HHL


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