Friday, July 8, 2011

French lavabo

A small one I found it is not old just decorative for me

My new one in the master bath

Show and Tell Friday

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My Romantic Home

I have been searching for one of these beauties for awhile. They were originally water vessels in Catholic Churches and then people used them in gardens and entry ways and now when people buy them they usually use for decoration or in the bathroom. I love my small one it is not old. the pink one sold at auction a few years ago and the older metal one is so pretty. I will keep my eyes open for that style it would look nice in the garden.

Have a Pink day!


  1. These are so beautiful!!! I'm swooning over the one in your Master bath ... xo HHL

  2. Hi Marie,
    It was so awesome of you to come by to see how I am! I see you have been posting more beauty on this already 'over the top' beautiful blog of yours. The lavabos are amazing. And then I saw your post about tea caddies. I really loved the one's you shared, and I think you guy was wonderful to get you one for your birthday. He's a keeper!
    sending hugs...

    I also saw on your sidebar that you love the ornamental oregano too. Isn't that the loveliest plant?

  3. Hi Marie, I am looking for a tap to go with a ceramic lavabo, similiar to the French Lavabo picture above. Do you have a suggestion on where I could find one.


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