Sunday, January 9, 2011

World in white

We are supposed to get snow and maybe ice tonight. I pray people will slow down Southern people do not know how to drive on ice and snow. I love this photo from tumblr--so pretty I love to see snow don't like to drive in it or deal with it.
The world seems quiet when it snows, all the shades of white with snow and the different textures of snow keep it from ever being boring. The world seems cleaner when it snows too. My fascination with snow flakes never leaves me. One of my happiest memories is of watching my swans in a snowstorm and walking on a snowy night in my old neighborhood with my Maltese bundled up in her coat inside my coat .It was cold but dry and crisp and the snow literally sparkled like worlds largest sugar scene. Perfection!
Maybe someday I will invent a way to make it snow.... PINK!! How cool would that be?
Have a Pink day!


  1. I love the snow but hate driving in it. Unfortunately, I have to go to work no matter what as hospitals do not have snow days! I do wish that drivers would slow down and use more caution!


  2. I like the snow when I can stay inside. Pink snow would be fun, how cute would pink snowmen be? I can show you pink ice next Saturday if you stop by... Keep safe and warm.

  3. oh I love the snow too, but after a day of it and its gray and dirty I am finished and ready for spring,unfortunately here in midwest we have to wait till end of march lol. It helps to make springy colorful items. Pink snowmen would be cute lol stay warm..hugs JoAnn

  4. I can only but imagine about the magic of snow. Maybe one day I'll see it! Fiona


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