Sunday, January 30, 2011

The PINK housewife of Beverly Hills !

Lisa Vanderpump loves pink and lives in a French style Beverly Hills estate
Lisa and her husband Ken are married 29 years and Giggy the Pom!
The Vanderpump estate

Why don't we all have this closet?

Pool area notice the lovely flowers!

Poor little Giggy being carried and dressed up all has worn him out!

Usually I do not watch reality TV ( because it really isn't real most of the time) but one day I had the TV on and Lisa Vanderpump was on it sitting in her home. I loved her house and started watching the show because of her. I think she is a decent, classy woman. One BH housewife who does work and has been married to same man for 29 years and raised two children. I love her clothing style (age appropriate and stylish not faddish) and I love, love her home. I gather the house may be up for sale for $29 million--it is an estate after all in Beverly Hills-- and the realtor is co-reality housewife Kyle's husband. To see more of this gorgeous French style home click here:

I think Lisa and I have a lot in common, tiny dogs, love of pink in the home and for clothing, she gardens, loves French style and arranges beautiful floral bouquets for her restaurant.

Oh,, let me know if you buy it. I'd love to come over for tea with you!

Have a Pink day!


  1. Hello,

    Thank you so much for visiting me and leaving such a nice comment. Yes, I think you are right, gardening in Southern California is much easier than in the colder climates...but sadly I cannot grow peonies like the one in your beautiful header...I have tried, but it was a complete failure...sigh. Incidently I put up a new header this morning for February and it is Pretty in Pink. You might like it. Have a great weekend.

  2. I too dont watch much tv but I love this show because of her. She is a class act.I love her sense of style and her love of pink. Boy what I would give to walk on those high heels again lol. with arthritis it is impossible now lol. hugs JoAnn


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