Monday, January 24, 2011

Versailles by candlelight..come with me...

Wearing your tiara is a must for a night visit to Versailles
Hurry through the gates dear, this is a rare treat!

Even at night the hall of mirrors is astounding! Our footsteps sound so loud!

You look lovely quit primping, they are getting ready for us tonight!

A private area of the last Queen of France, I feel she may walk in at any moment!

Look at all the inticate details they seem to glow at night !
Sshhh... Quick put on your tiara, take this candle and follow me thru the gates.
I would love to tour Versailles at night wouldn't you?

Here we go-- notice how everything seems even lovelier and more romantic at night? Just think of these rooms lit with hundreds of candles -- that warm glow , the scent of perfume and the tinkle of the harpsichord. Lets dance!
Life is but a dream n'est-il pas?

Have a Pink day! ( and night)

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely beautiful!!! What a fun treat!!


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