Monday, January 10, 2011

My two secret (well not now) weapons

I am just like everyone else-- I need to lose a few pounds. I turned to one of the people I admire Karl Lagerfeld he is one of my "secret weapons"! I am going to lose weight the KL way! Low fat, low carb sometimes I will be hungry he says he was (he lost 92 pounds) I will be strict with myself. That is his way and he has kept it off no pills ,no radical surgery.

My other secret weapon is the portable DVD player I got for Pinkmas-- I can stay on the machines longer if I am not bored . Watching movies I can do an hour or so without realizing it is an hour. Nothing is worse for me than to be bored. It is a 7 inch screen perfect to prop up on the ledge of the elliptical machine. The DVD player has a 5 hour battery life, little ear buds so I can watch and not disturb anyone else at the YWCA. So I began this week my little war against the mirror--fighting those fat cells will be hard but I will win!! Karl says, "Some people would like me to be round again" Only fat people tell me I am too skinny skinny people never say that" He uses the f word---fat!! He is candid non? I find it refreshing.

Thanks Karl and thanks to whomever invented the portable DVD player. Notice mine is pink, bien sur!!

Have a Pink day!


  1. I love my DVD player..although it's not a pretty pink like your's..and I walk 3 miles everyday using the dvd inspiration is Leslie Sansone's walking hr a day..and the weight will come right off!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful plan. I also read something about starting the day with a glass of hot water (or cold if you prefer) with fresh lemon slices. Not sure if it is true, but I try anything, and it tastes good. I've been putting a 24 oz. glass of ice water on my desk for a while, I just added the lemon today. Good luck!

  3. What a great idea to use someone like Karl as inspiration! And the DVD player for the eliptical sounds perfect! I read books on the treadmill, but this is a lovely alternative.


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