Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Oh Kate you got the pink !

 Miu Miu bag I lusted after 2012 too late it sold out only in Japan!
 Marc Jacobs
 Marc Jacobs
 Perfect Handbag Company UK 

 The Saga of my pink handbag search

I fell in love last year... with a Miu Miu handbag --very much a "lady bag" as in Ladies who Lunch all Upper East side style. It was only sold in Japan and on internet briefly in USA and by time I found it it was sold out. So the  search continued for a really pretty pink bag a paler pink bag if possible. I have looked at department stores, TJ MAXX,flea markets. It is not about the price for me at all the bag could be $30.00 as long as it has the look I like. I saw these Marc Jacobs bags and one from a company in UK almost there not quite It!
Well, I decided to look on line again a few days ago and Kate Spade must have heard me fussing last year about that pink bag because she has one coming out in pale pink and very much the look I like. It is my splurge for the spring. I will carry it on Easter I am sure.
Merci Kate 
Have a Pink day!

1 comment:

  1. those are darling handbags!
    so very cute and i want one!
    will be on the look out for light pink handbags to call my own.
    God bless,


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