Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mud pit

The good news is the landscaper guys came early. The bad news is that the landscaper guys came early! Then we had a lot of rain. The sprinkler system is whacked out now for some reason so our side path with flower walkway is also a mess.

We have a lovely mud pit in the back garden. We had them dig 6 inches down so I could plant more peonies and iris and other things in the two garden beds when you walk into the garden from the gate. Pink Boy will lay a stone walkway between the two beds and no more grass to mow in that area--we had trouble growing grass there so I said lets just make bigger beds and forget the grass ! Pink Boy liked that idea.

I had friends invited for weekend garden lunch but have had to post pone it. Pink Boy will be putting the stones down and it will take him most of weekend. the soil comes today I hope they show up. I will post another shot when it is finished and I have some plants in.

This should be our last major garden change. Then we will save up for a iron entry gate.

Have a Pink day!


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  2. Hi Marie,
    What a beautiful post. I love France too. I have Paris on my list of places to travel. You are so sweet to visit My Cozy Corner. I have your blog on my sidebar, so I can visit you in the morning while I enjoy my morning coffee.


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