Monday, March 19, 2012

Legal matters and Pinterest--not sure this is a Pink Girl thing

I have resisited using Pinterest and then last night finally posted some images to a board. Then I read some troubling legal information about the site and have decided to not use it in the future unless they change their policy. I feel it leaves us all open to lawsuits if someone should pursue it. It also allows anyone to take your image ( if you use just your own images you can't be sued by anyone else for copyright) and make it into something or use it and profit from it.

So think about this before you post images-- are you confortable with the risks?

Ideally, this would be a wonderful sharing tool but the way the wording is on the consent you the posting person are held responsible.

Go to these sites to learn more:

So read and consider if this is worth it to you.

Have a Pink day!


  1. Hi Marie, I just read your blog post regarding Pinterest. These are interesting thoughts. I work in the legal field and am going to ask some of my clients what they think. I myself am concerned with the legal ramifications of some bloggers who use magazine photos in their posts. I did research this and bloggers do walk a very fine legal line even if they cite back to the magazine as they do need permission to use the photo. I will get back to you if I find anything out.

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