Friday, February 24, 2012

Show and Tell Friday and asking for help


I have fallen in love with this compote or tea cookie tray. I have seen a few photos of it over the years and have never seen it in person. Replacements china and silver matching service is not sure of the name of the pattern and they do not have it.

Post Script
A lovely Japanese blogger has come to my rescue and told me the plate is Dresden by Carl Thieme. I will search for it on the internet. It was made for Marie Antoinette she says

Merci Pink Rose!

If anyone knows what pattern this is and if you ever see one please email me through this blog. It has my MA initials in the center of the piece so I think maybe originally it was made for Marie Antoinette's table. I also read awhile ago it may be Dresden and it may be by Carl Thieme that is all I have found out.

I saw it on a Japanese blog but I don't have any way of reading Japanese so I don't even know if the blogger knew what it was or if she owns it. I love my MA monogram and would love to buy this piece. I think it is tiny only 5 inches or so tall.

I leave it to you pink lovers

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Have a Pink day!


  1. Dearest Marie,
    Please send me the link to the Japanese blog and I will interpret it for you....maybe it will contain the answer! The Japanese love Marie Antoinette and may even be reproducing it:)) xoxo, Paulette

  2. Good luck in your search! I know how it is when you fall for something and simply must find it again. :) Stop by my place - I'm having a giveaway. :)


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