Sunday, February 12, 2012

A little courting never hurt anyone

Love is in the air!

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I love these Dresden figurines (this is a knock off- I am sure) depicting courting scenes and little bits of daily life of 18th century nobility. I think we should remember that it is fun to be courted--even those of us married for many years need to be courted sometimes.

The age seemed to lend itself to flirtation and courting and word play more than our modern era. I love that fans had a language and flowers too, word puns and dropped hankies also aided the flirtatious. So in the spirit of love and Valentine's Day I offer up these courting couples.
Have a Pink Day!


  1. Beautiful Marie ! I just love these little figurines...I have several figural lamps that I love. I hope you enjoyed the Valentines :))

  2. beautiful post, why dont we flirt more? love the figurines...Stop by my blog and look at my pink valentine trees...hugs JoAnn


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