Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Some changes to my Marie Antoinette inspired tree

Pearls, swans, masks make it a Marie Antoinette tree

New this year glitter sleighs

The Queen and a custom fan with monogram

Queen's little lamb with ribbon lead

This is the second year I have had a Marie Antoinette inspired tree in the master bedroom. Last year I had pink glass balls on it and this year I added more glitter ornaments. The sleigh is new. We know that Marie Antoinette enjoyed riding in a sleigh on the grounds of Versailles. The little glitter carriages I found last year and bought all that the shop had. The rest of the ornaments came from Michael's!

There are sprays of pearls at the top of the tree and a lamb with a ribbon lead( just like she had at her mini farm Le Hameau) under the tree.

Of course, in her time, there were no decorated trees it was more of a strictly religious holiday.

Have a Pink day!


  1. Simply Elegant and Gorgeous!!! xo HHL

  2. I love the Marie tree, this year I made some swan and marie antoinette hot air balloon ornaments. they are sparkly and pastel...
    on sale in my etsy shop.
    hugs and Merry Christmas, JoAnn

    ps even tho i dont comment everyday, i do check your site, its a pastel heaven!!!


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