Thursday, December 15, 2011

Marie Antoinette's sleigh-- sort of

Here it is under our tree- our big swan tree all pink and white

I saw this red wooden sleigh in a shop window after Christmas
Details-- details are important in my vision for the sleigh

Glue them on with Gorilla glue super glue sets in 30 seconds
Our beautiful pink confection of a sleigh in the style of Marie Antoinette
Golden stencil of my monogram

Sydney-Marie tests it out--she feels very royalWe spray painted the embellishments white with glitter on top

Cherubs lead the way on the front

Another monogram larger on the back

Happy Pink Saturday and Show and Tell Friday
This was one of my 'projects' this year. I bought the red sleigh last December. As soon as I saw it in the window I knew what I would do with it.

First we painted it pale, pale pink. Then we painted the runners gold. When I say we I mean Pink Boy did I just have the ideas he has the skills and the muscles!

Then I ordered embellishments from Do It Yourself Chic. They arrived in about a week. We spray painted them white, then sprayed white glitter on top and measured and attached them with gorilla glue. It is so important to lay them out on something flat first get the design then measure the area and make sure you know where they are going you only have 30 seconds till the glue sets up.

This pink Marie Antoinette style sleigh will go next to the big pink and white swan tree and I will use it to hold presents. It was a fun project and not that expensive. research tells us Marie Antoinette enjoyed sleigh rides in winter at Versailles. Her sleigh was probably a lot more ornate.

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Have a Pink day!


  1. Ohhhh! I want that sleigh!! That is the most beautiful creation I've seen all day! Awesome.
    Merry Christmas
    TTFN ~

  2. I can`t decide what is more beautiful your blog header, the tell peony in the side bar or this incredible sleigh of yours. Your puppy is so cute! Love her little hairdo.
    btw, I like your snow falling theme.
    Great job on the sleigh.


  3. Hi,

    How did you make the Golden stencil of your monogram?


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