Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pinkmas pink tree is for the birds

I am obsessed with wings this year they are everywhere!

Most of the birds are glass blown ones or glitter ones

I love the hummingbirds

We always have a small tree in the kitchen. The one we usually put up sits on the floor and is a garden themed tree, but my mother in law lives with us now and that tree is sort of hard to get around so we decided to put a smaller tree on the breakfast table.

I found this wonderful PINK Barbie tree on eBay a few years ago and just held on to it. Now it is our bird tree-- we can see a lot of birds from our breakfast/family room area. Right now we see chickadees and blue birds and cardinals a lot. We love birds and love watching them.

Have a Pink day!

I'm joining on Show and Tell Friday and Pink Saturday links below:

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  1. since I love pink trees, mine is a poofy feather tree that i keep up in my bedroom all year long. i love your bird tree, next year maybe i need to add one more tree?
    my pink tree begins with Christmas, then valentine,pink and red, then easter pastels.
    then just some of the special stuff i have made. till its xmas again.

    merry christmas to you and yours. come look at my trees in my blog, all our relatives are far away so we dont have that many people coming over i am inviting bloggers instead lol
    hugs JoAnn


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