Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shakespeare and Company Paris

Last time we were in Paris we went over to Notre Dame early one night and walked around it. That was fun. Then we dined at a good little bistro right next door to Shakespeare and Company bookshop. It is a famous book shop and you can get the details here:


It was recently featured in the movie Midnight in Paris and on a late night talk show. I always want to go there when it is rainy in Paris or chilly. Nothing so comforting as sitting in a bookshop reading when rain falls outside.

Have a Pink day!


  1. Have been there several times and purchased my books and have the stamps in them!

  2. S&C is such a great place!! we discovered it on our trip to Paris last year. This October I had the opportunity to get back to Paris with a girl friend... and S&C was again a destination... I love the feel of being surrounded by books, when in there. And the S&C stamp they stamp inside a book when you purchase it!! Happy Sunday! xo HHL

  3. ooh la la... a PINK day in Paris... c'est PARFAIT!


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