Sunday, August 10, 2014

Persian kitty Simba Kahn

This is Simba Kahn owned by the wonderful, responsible Persian breeder from CA. Molly Barr. I am on the wait list for a Persian from her. 
All of my current cats are rescue kitties and I still volunteer at the no-kill cat shelter here in Marietta. I have had Persians before and they are of a sweet nature, fun cats with a laid  back personality usually.
Simba Kahn is about 7 I think. I love the pink tongue sticking out! Those big baby eyes and sweet face are so appealing. It may be a year or more before my little love is born and comes home to me but I am going to keep waiting. When I find a dog or cat breeder that is responsible and  raises them in a household setting I am willing to wait. So someday my Persian will come home and join our little band of happy cats and tiny dogs.
Are you waiting on a little love?
Have a Pink day!

1 comment:

  1. Ohhhh you lucky gal, I wish I was waiting for a sweet kitty....
    My mom and I take care of about seven out door cats, we just love them all.....and between my mom and myself have five sweet dogs! And we wouldn't wait it any other way!



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