Saturday, August 23, 2014

Boudoir lamps phase two

On a recent consignment and thrift store shopping spree I found these fetching figurine lamps! They are what used to be called boudoir lamps and they work and still have the original pale pale pink shades! An excellent price and they have come to live this next phase of their little existence with me.
I love finding things that have been well loved and cared for and now are ready to move on. They are perfect size for my bathroom vanity area. I had some other lamps there but these are much nicer figurines and more feminine.
 I like to take bubble baths and just put one lamp on and it makes it so relaxing. I play soothing music and the cats usually gather around the tub wondering when I will come out. They are all scared of the bubbles... silly kitties.
Have a Pink day!

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