Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pink sevres and Marie Antoinette

My favorite Marie Antoinette movie is the 2006  Sophia Coppola one shown above. I've watched it many times and always see "new" things with each viewing. I love the dressing scenes and the use of historically correct props. The Sevres porcelain bowl and water pitcher is a perfect example.
I think it must be fun and rewarding to be on a movie team maybe scouting the locations and finding props and building interiors.It is probably very hard work and many long days. Some props are hired from a few big London prop houses or lent by private collectors.
Many of the Sevres porcelains in museums and coming up on auction sites are in blue or Pompadour pink, a deeper rose shade favored by Madame de Pompadour a patroness of the Sevres factory.
The bowl above is more to  Marie Antoinette's taste in the pastel pinks and blues.
The jeewelry chest which I found for sale is the pale pink and I like to think it could have been in the movie too!
Have a Pink day!

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