Monday, February 10, 2014

Modern Marie Antoinette would desire this

I really think if Marie Antoinette popped into this time period she would be buying her treats and beauty products at Laduree. 
They invoke such a royal feel and use all those pastel colors we associate with her. In fact one of the hat box selections is actually called the Marie Antoinette!
The rose bubble bath powder is divine.We know she loved a good warm bath. I could see her soaking away.
Have a Pink day!


  1. I also would bet Marie would love these items. I was thinking about you as I passed Laduree in Soho and saw the rediculous line to wait and eat. lol I will definately go soon and let you know how it is. Grace

  2. Marie would buy them ALL !!!!! LOL

  3. So beautiful, those cookies are a work of art! Valentines Day is my favorite holiday. This year I decorated my tree with old valentines and pink hearts.


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