Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Little pieces of the past ...hand fans

Hand fans are little bits of history and beauty in one! I have been collecting them for years. Some are way beyond my price point but even those are fun to look at in detail.
The two fans above were recently for sale.  I have bid on some other things so did not bid on them. I am just enjoying looking at the wonderful details on each fan. They were the fashion accessory of the times and had their own" language" as well. 
The second fan is a portrait of Marie Antoinette, but it is a later creation not made in her lifetime, but still entrancing. The artist used her love of pink and blue and roses and ribbons to good use on the fan.
There are fan clubs (ha ha) and a few folks who still make and restore hand fans. Most of the really nice antique fans are made of silk so they are fragile. I love learning about them and have posted about them before.
Have a Pink day!

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  1. FANtastic ---- sorry, could not help it! LOL

    They are just beautiful !!!!


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