Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Stalking Karl Lagerfeld and other Paris activities

Well,I will be in Paris soon and hope to catch a glimpse of Karl himself, I have stalking on my mind!! ha ha. What would almost be as much fun would be to see Choupette, his cat, being driven to and from her vet appointment (daily I hear) and on to other outings.
Soon I will be standing on my favorite spot on the Pont Alexandre, soon I will be eating pastries and walking walking walking. I urge you, dear blog reader, to make time for travel while you are healthy don't put off trips till retirement or wait for some perfect time. GO NOW grab on to life and live it, shake all the good out of life and walk, walk walk see the world. I return to Paris as often as I can but I also want to go to other countries as well. Japan is high on the list as is Australia and Hong Kong.
Have a Pink day!

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