Monday, September 2, 2013

Marie Antoinette's bath at Chateau of Versailles

 This is how it looked last time I was there

Versailles continues the ambitious restoration program it started many years ago. Even though I have been many times I always return and see new things or new areas that are now restored. The Queen's bathroom is now furnished with more than a bed and gives one a sense of what it really looked like then. Marie Antoinette was a bit unusual for the times in her love of bathing. And of course when you are the Queen you get to bathe when you wish.
 Even in the bath she wasn't really alone--she had attendants that would lift the towels up to shield her and then wrap her in them. Water was brought in and she bathed in a light nightdress type of garment. 
I love the " fleshing out" of the bathroom and will enjoy seeing it again up close. For more information click here:
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  1. I love your pictures. Could you format them to be a bit bigger? Thanks for this post. I love visiting Versailles- makes me feel like I'm a bit closer.

  2. So elegant - a vote for bigger pictures too :)

  3. Such beautiful pictures and I love that the restoration of Versailles is ongoing and something that we can continue to enjoy! I know it is so interesting that Marie Antoinette loved bathing which was so unusual for that era! have a beautiful week!
    best wishes


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