Friday, September 20, 2013

Shopping the Paris flea market

I am going to go to the big flea market in Paris on this upcoming visit to Paris. I am so excited about it and a bit nervous. My goal is to buy a few items for myself and some more cute things to sell on Etsy or through this blog. I am thinking of things like the above items and maybe some dressing table items, old letters in French, some old mirrors or trims for rooms, maybe vintage chairs or stools. Starting small this first time.
Anyone have any suggestions?  I am reading all I can about how to shop the fleas and have obtained a business license and am ready to go!
Have a Pink day!


  1. Oh, I have never been to the flea market on any of my trips to Paris! I have no advice, but I cannot wait to read about your experiences there. How wonderful!!!

  2. I think your ideas for flea market finds are really good. Anything pretty in silver plate or real silver would be great. You have such a good eye for pretty things. I think you will be a successful seller. Have fun in Paris

  3. They all look beautiful and I hope you find them! Have a fabulous time!
    best wishes
    ps when do you start selling?


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