Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Swan tureen Birthday Gift

Today is my birthday ( I'm like Jack Benny holding at 39 ha) and look what my wonderful girls got for me on Ebay. Who knew cats and dogs could open a Paypal account and using the mouse ( the cats did that part) clicked on this swan tureen!? It is my second swan tureen the first one is different and has a crack so I can't actually use it for food.
I love this one because it is all white no stupid flowers or weird colored beak. The tray is in perfect shape and it was made in Italy in 1950-60's.  Right now she is resting on the side board but soon will be a centerpiece on the table.
I have wanted one like this for a long time always checking ebay and other auction sites.
Merci to my cats and dogs and
Have a Pink day!


  1. Marie, happy birthday! That gorgeous swan is quite a find!!! You have the most wonderful pets...

  2. Happy Birthday!
    Laughed at how well-trained your animals are and that they know your style so well.
    A beautiful gift.
    I recently posted about my swan garden planter; they just lend themselves to being 'vessels', don't they?
    Have a glorious day.
    Z xx

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Don't you just love those smart pets.


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