Friday, August 9, 2013

Pink Chanel does it get any prettier than this?

Oh how I love Chanel and pink Chanel is even better. I love the makeup and the handbags and totes. These pink suits are my idea of heaven. How I wish I will find one someday at a consignment shop or vintage clothing boutique. I have several "Chanel style" jackets I would love one real one and it has to be pink or black or pink and black. Just dreaming of fun pinkness.
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  1. It's a wonderful dream about owning a pink Chanel suit! The lines are gorgeous!

  2. You absolutely can't beat Chanel. And at least I can afford the nail varnish in That Pink, lol. Happy Pink Saturday from the UK>

  3. What a lovely, classy pink outfit and purse! I love them!

  4. Oh I found a pink chanel style ? or a real one at a high end estate sale years ago and gave it to a friend who could fit into it and how I wish I had it just to touch and admire , I am sure she threw it away not knowing anything about a Chanel suit


    I also dream of finding a suit to keep for myself


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