Friday, July 26, 2013

Paris is like a shimmering light

Just like Jay Gatsby looked for the green light at the end of Daisy's dock, I look for the shimmering light of Paris to bring me comfort and beauty. 
I have a theory about people who do not "like" Paris --they do not really see it. They overlook the details, the style, the order, the scents. If they used all their senses and really looked at Paris --at the big and the small then they would "see" the beauty. I would even say they would "feel the beauty" and notice all the clever, stylish and beautiful details that make the city at once so familiar to anyone who has visited before yet different each visit.
 I always notice new things when I visit. It is a rather small city as capital cities run and this makes it easy to get to "know" the different faces of Paris.
Last time I was there I noticed all the unusual doorknobs and took their photos.
 This time who knows what will catch my attention?
We are counting down the days till we visit  I am working out so I have the stamina to walk and walk--the only way to really get to know a place, in my opinion,is to walk and walk and meet people and new areas. 
By the way, I just saw the new Baz Lurman movie The Great Gatsby and enjoyed it --loved all the costumes and sets. 
Pink living means noticing the details and beauty around you and enjoying it. 
Life is short really see what is around you.
Have a Pink day!

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