Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Some days it is best to reflect and relax. Life can get so busy. So many things to do. I like being busy and I love my pink life. I always have to have a project or something fun to look forward to doing. 
But I also try to keep my life calm, busy but underneath a sense of peace. Some people get that by prayer or meditation. I achieve calm by looking at beautiful images and remembering places and people that brought me joy. Beauty fades but that essence of beauty remains in my mind and brings happiness.
So on this rainy, hot, humid day that I do not enjoy weather wise,
I keep in my mind's eye images of beauty and calm like the swan above.
Little  snapshots of people's happy faces, little memories of walking in Paris or Charleston-- beautiful moments to revisit again in my head.
Wishing you calm.
Have a Pink day!


  1. This is so absolutely perfectly beautiful. I agree with it entirely and also for the same reasons, as I type, smelling the Jasmine all over the house I just cut this morning so that the rain pouring down right now doesn't waste them, and I'm inside trying to escape the humid, and for me too, calming means getting onto blogland and seeing happy creativity, beauty being made, and nature nature nature....always.

  2. I enjoy reading your blog and especially viewing all the lovely images that you gather and share. I agree with you about the power of beautiful images to renew us. And I love pink, and pink flowers particularly, too! I've enjoyed looking at your garden photos when my garden is still covered in snow. Many thanks!


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