Friday, January 18, 2013

Silk ribbon embroidery

Ribbons are another passion and I am lucky to have Nicholas Kniel Ribbon shop so close to my home. I have been seeing wonderful silk ribbon work items on Etsy and Ebay and Pinterest lately and now want to try my hand at making something simple that I can apply to some other fabric or box.
It all looks totally beautiful and creative.  Wish me luck  I enjoy seeing these wonderful feminine treasures.
One on-line shop that offers a lovely selection is a Japanese web site Eglantyne:
They have many pretty things and it gets to USA rather quickly.
Happy Pink Saturday join in at:
Have a Pink day!


  1. Such beautiful pieces with the ribbonwork. I love to do it and haven't for a while, but.... it is not difficult, it just takes time and patience. A good way to start is to get the Helen Gibb CD. You can order it through her as well as any supplies you might desire....

    You will fall in love with all you can do with a bit of pretty ribbon!
    ♥ Jil

  2. Beautiful things with pretty ribbons.

  3. Hi! Absolutely gorgeous...I adore ribbon embroidery! I've come to your delightful blog from Beverly's Pink Saturday ~ Now following you, my Dear!

  4. I love the post but my favorite of all time is the pink peony on your header. Happy Pink Saturday. peg

  5. Some neat (beautiful) ideas there. Good luck!

    Happy Pink Saturday! Jenn

  6. have you seen Beverly's link #22 - looks like ribbons of another texture were used there too!

  7. OMgoodness, all that lace and ribbon is a feast for the eyes! Lovely,
    Happy Pink Saturday,

  8. Beautiful ribbonwork and appliques. It must take a lot of patience to create such fine detailed work!


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