Friday, January 11, 2013

Believe in the power of the flower

I am entranced with fluffy pink poppies and every year try to grow them from seeds. I never have had any flowers bloom. Some times I will see green starting then they die. I plant in sunny spots partly sunny spots and nothing happens.
Does anyone have any tips for poppy culture in the Southeast? I think they fry here even though I start them in early April or late March. I've been in other Atlanta area gardens where they grow and flourish. I've asked the owners what they do to get so many and they all say, " Nothing they just pop up." AARRGH
Any comments and tips will help make my pink life even PINKER with pink poppies.
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Have a Pink day!


  1. Wish I could help you. I have several different flowers, but never tried growing a poppy.

  2. I was thinking just about the same thing, wish I knew so I could help you. Maybe it's the soil - too much or not enough of something? Very pretty photo. I thought poppies were red and loosely petaled. Oh, I see peony poppies?
    Hope you get some good advice for the next attempt! Happy Pink Saturday! Jenn

  3. Hi Marie, boy I wish I had some great info to share with you, but at last everything I plant never survives either :(
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful beginning to the new year....


  4. I love flowers and beautiful plants, however I am not so lucky.
    I am going to try my luck at some pretty flowers myself in a few weeks. I have only been lucky with succulents in the past, maybe my luck will change?
    I hope you have a wonderful spring so you have a summer of fragrant blooms!
    We will see!

  5. That photo looks like a double Peony to me....are you sure that is a Poppy ? I try to grow Peonies and my friends here have loads that grow in the shade, but mine just fizzle out and fry, like you say. I even ordered from Winterthur some rooted ones and they never did a thing......frustrating to say the least. Good luck with your Poppies?.....I agree that it may be the soil. xoxo~ Paulette

  6. Sprinkle your Poppy seeds on prepared ground in November or even September. Really. They know when to come up. Right now you should have poppy plants large as a teacup and blooms about the time you've been planting seeds that didn't work out.


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