Friday, December 21, 2012

What Marie Antoinette would want for Christmas?

What would Marie Antoinette want for Christmas? My tree in our master bedroom is an homage to her. I put ornaments on that reflect her likes and interests. So in keeping with that idea, this year, I changed a bit what I have placed underneath it. I added things that she would most likely have had in her private rooms at Versailles or at Petit Trianon.
In her time she may have wished for jewels or perhaps an animal for the little farm of hers. Or large trees for the gardens. Gift giving at Christmas was not really big in her era. Back then it was more of a religious holiday with Mass and prayers and wonderful music and something good for dinner.Maybe she wanted a new harp or a new sleigh for snow sledding? 
If you peek under the tree you will find Sevres porcelain objects, a fan with her monogram on it, a nosegay from a grand ball, and a pinkish clock for her mantel.
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  1. Lovely Christmas. I wouldn't mind having those gifts under my tree! take care and Merry Christmas Darlene

  2. Oooh la la... so so lovley!! A pretty pink tree fit for a Queen:-)
    Merry Pink Christmas:-)


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